Monday, 18 October 2010

Plot synopsises at last!

I have recruited a two of the more difficult members of my target audience today:
55 year old male
45 year old male

I have a few more to get, but they were the 2 age groups I feared I wouldn't be able to get... and luckily, neither of them have a massive interest in new media at all, therefore, it should make for an honest uninformed opinion...


When a scholar becomes unsatisfied with his daily life and academic achievement, he turns to the dark arts in order to gain the secrets of all knowledge and power. After making a deal with the devil his wish is fulfilled, but will his new found powers bring him the happiness he sought after? and what will become of him once his contract with the devil expires?
When a jovial family dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who is investigating a working class woman's suicide, we discover that the seemingly respectful family may have more to do with this suicide than even they are aware of. How does this event link with this family? how could they not even be aware of this woman's very existence when they are apparently the cause of her death? 

A journalist notices green flashes in the sky and missiles on there way to earth, after 10 days, he hears that an astronomer, has claimed that nothing can come from space. However, shortly after this visitors from another world invade a Victorian London in order to use planet earth for their own purposes... and co-habitation is not an option.  
After a bizarre serendipitous twist of fate, a man is given an eternally youthful appearance, and an image of him ages in his place. As the man commits more sins and transgresses, the image grows twisted and horrific. The man quickly becomes haunted by the horrific image, but can he be saved from his hedonistic lifestyle? What fate lies in store for him?

After witnessing a horrific act by a truly horrible man, a lawyer is left troubled as one of his most favoured clients has a seemingly close relationship to the persecuted criminal. He worries that his client maybe being manipulated. However, the lawyer slowly uncovers the horrific truth of the mystery to find that his client and the criminal have a shared destiny that they cannot escape from.
A detective's assistant still has a taste for solving crime, even though the detective he had once worked for has died. Although he is extremely dishearted about his 'partner in crime-solving's' death, he decides to continue with his endevours so that he maybe as good as his partner once was.
He must now rely on his own skills to solve crimes. However, he finds himself reintroduced with a lost friend and the chase is on to solve the latest strange seemingly motiveless murder.

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