Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Feedback from Alt tutor meeting and objectives.

My meeting with my alternative tutor went quite well. He thought that the idea was good and the justification for the product was there. However we both identified the main challenges in this project, most of this information will be found through more indepth research.
  • Finding a place where this product will sit
  • Finding a vehicle to launch it on
  • Defining a niche that the product will appeal to
These problem hi-light some definate food for thought. As much as I would like to make this product appeal to everyone, I'm not sure I can. I mean I don't think that a artefact of this nature will have massive appeal, maybe it would only appeal to people who already use the computer a lot, the general public may not feel inclined to go on there computer and interact with a novel. I will definately need to ask my focus group about this.

This then leads to another key point
  • Will this artefact be part of a campaign with a charity/company/awareness group or will it be a commercial venture?
Clearly this will depend on what my focus group say about how they would the artefact. If enough people said they would use it if they were aware of it, then I would then research into campaigns with a similar theme (e.g. getting people into opera, classical music etc etc) and look at the strategies they use.
If not then I would have to look into the commercial sector and see how things like this are distributed (e.g. look at game selling engines such as Xbox marketplace and steam)

So more research to think about there, but I'll need to speak to my focus group first (and of course formulate some questions for that). 

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