Monday, 22 November 2010

Work placement and Designing....

So good news I have a placement with ITV for a month! I'm so excited, I can't wait for it (need to learn a lot of code...)
But it will be an awesome experience for me.
Secondly, I finished my report in the end, it was hard work but I got it all done and printed (£40?!)
Thirdly, I heard back from the copyright people and they won't let me do an inspector calls... so it's going to be Doctor Faustus... I'm not too distressed about this... it was what I wanted to do... but acutally having to do it is a little daunting... I'm sure I'll be okay
So I'm going to read Fautus EXTREMELY carefully... and hi-light what scenes I think would be the best to do... as well as establish some themes to bring into the new version I'm going to make.
I'm thinking about modernising it to an extent... it's hard to relate to the old version of it. But I will discuss that in more detail as I read the scenes.
But still I have to get a lot done for next Wed character designs, props, backgrounds, storyboards, interactivity samples... so I better get a scoot on!
I draw sketchy version of what I'm going to CG: (At the moment I'm trying to figure out whether it's modern day or not... of whether Mephtophelsis is a man or not)

then after that I've done a rough CG in Painttool SAI

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