Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Some testing back and more semi done story boards :D

Wow! work is so tiring! I've been home a while and I've only just started getting back to working on Uni stuff -_- Finished my transcription that's good news for all :D
So other than that I've been working on Faustus story boards, obviously still rough, but probably as good as they'll get in time for hand in. Need to make a working Flash version of a bit of it HOHOHO (I don't know when that will happen but nevermind) In other news I've done all my layout and menu questionaire stuff and sent that off. I've got 3 full ones back... I'm waiting on two halves and another person to actually do the questionaire. I also have a vague idea of what these characters will look like now. I've good drawings of them on pen and paper, but haven't really scanned them in yet. Must also recruit voice actors... and change parts of the script.... Fun fun fun

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