Friday, 15 April 2011

Other modules, Subtitles and Survey

Well, hello everyone! I've nearly built the demo now, some people have played it already though (thank goodness it's been eating away at my time like I don't know what!). So that will be sent off to some of the other users soon, just to see if they agree with the changes made. Another thing that has come through on testing, which I found interesting was from one of my testers, who explained that many games and interactive things he'd been on reccently had subtitles on them as standard, he explained that most puzzle based games and any games with cut scenes will include subtitles, not necessarily because it's difficult to hear or not hear, but because some people will play with the sound off, not because they can't hear. Although this is for people who don't like to read he said he doesn't like reading, but he sometimes plays games with the sound off.
Firstly, I was kind of upset with this discovery, but now I think about it, it might be better to keep the subtitles on, it does have a lot of cutscenes, and having subtitles on doesn't really detract from the animation and interactive parts as they are all inside a self contained movie section anyway. With this in mind I've decided to constantly have the subtitles on the screen, they don't detract from the main thing and sometimes it's prefered to have them on.

 And finally, if anyone feels the need to do an information design survey then here it is :)

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