Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy Birthday Talking Clock!

Quite an achievement for something so old to still be used so often and celebrated....
On the third stroke the time will be.....

Friday, 22 July 2011

More webdesign

So I've been working hard on the old web design lately this is the original site of a charity I'm working on
Here is the update I did last year
 Here is the new version with some added graphics and stuff, and a search bar
And here are the final touches to the Miss Val site :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Website development

So I am working on a website at the more for a client... I started this three years ago as an informal project... she didn't particularly need it... So this was the first year attempt
Gaaaaa.... I just thought it was horrible... I mean those colours are like criminal and the design is totally weird...I talked to the client about it ... and in my second year it changed a little...

I think there was definitely  an improvement, thanks to the graphic on the side... provided by my friend Miss Gibson... :D... but still there was far too much colour and all the alignment of the text is off...and some of those fonts are a bit ikky.
This is the version I'm working on at the moment... I think it's a lot better... the website has a strict 3 colour rule... I redesigned the header and just made it all simpler... the back stage code on this one is just about acceptable... the first two... were a nightmare...

New website

So here it is in development
I can't express my joy at how much better it is than the old one which is below

It just looks more professional. :) 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Long time no see blog

Well now that the degree is out of the way, this blog will probably change in terms of content. The good news is that all the effort paid off for Faustus and I got a 72% for project overall which I'm very happy with. Also, I had a charming degree ceremony to top it all off.

Tada! So... now what? Well aside from looking for jobs, I'm hoping to crack on with the drawing and now I'm making my own website. That is all really... I went to Paris and that was fantastic.
Will hopefully make this into a new media, media probing, games and web examination thing, with a lot of stuff about new media related things, it will probably also contain a lot of drawings.