Monday, 21 May 2012

I have achieved in the real world... but on the internet people can be cruel

Hi everyone... Now I know there is a lot going on in the internet world, what with Twitter changing their policy recently... in an open way that makes facebook's little private changes look like a child who is trying to keep their amazing way to steal biscuits a secret...
No I'm talking about something I did in my real life on Sunday
This is what I am talking about, I'm terrible at running particularly... however, I achieved 1hour and 26 mins on my first attempt of a 10k... I am very proud of myself... I had random people who I didn't know cheering me, giving me high 5's... Motivating me all the way to the finish line, might sound a little crass, but they really made the event worth taking part in... and all those other runners were digging in too, so I figured I could give it a shot. Some people were wheezing to the finishing line, they were the ones who got the most support generally... Now my big question is

But why doesn't this happen on the internet? People feel that with anonymity they can be complete jerks/ morons... and pick on those who need to hone there stills the most. I'm talking about this: Trolling and flaming.

Why is it in real life, those who need cheering the most will get support from a big crowd, but on the internet (arguably the same environment), the bad artists/youtube singers/ writers/bloggers/ get flamed terribly. I mean... I don't get it at all...

Anonymity is the key reason... I find this scary really, a group mentality that trolls people just because they won't be revealed... I don't like that idea.

I know some people would argue that people who watch me running in Manchester aren't the same kind of people who are going to flame fancovers of songs, and you might be right...But you can bet your life that the people who are trying to contribute to the internet world probably don't deserve it, they might be not very good, but they are trying.... 

Don't be discouraged people who are trolled online, think that your submission is like crossing the finish line, it doesn't matter about the comments after, at least you did it.


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