Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wow blog... long time no speak

Hello... It's been a while *awkward silence*
So apologises about the very long gap since my last entry... what can I say... It's been pretty busy up in here. I mean firstly I got a new job... and then secondly... I got a new place to live... and then suddenly... life all got extremely hectic and busy... also being on a computer all day means that writing blog posts comes second to drawing and various other things...
So what's been happening in the internet world...
Well what hasn't would be more accurate... I mean social media has pretty much exploded... there are so many networks that it's getting a bit ridiculous....e.g.

Oh you like running? there's a social media network for that

Oh you like coffee? there's a social media network for that

Oh you like drawing original comics that are of a specific genre? there's a social media network for that

Now I shouldn't be complaining... really I shouldn't... but how many social media networks do we really need... surely the point of social media is less segregation and we're meant to share more about our personal interests on a few networks...

Well that's my opinion. I mean it gets progressively more cliquey with time as more and more networks pop up. This is my own personal opinion, feel free to disagree completely...

But the big mover and shaker

Now bad and ill-used pun aside... Valid point. Pinterest seems to be growing almost alarmingly. I mean it's not often that you can get so many members so quickly who actively uses a network and know how to use it in the words of Gonzo the... whatever 'when you're right you're right'.
So I suppose I should give a round of applause to Pinterest for there nice interface... and the nice pictures people are sharing that I wouldn't have found on it's cliquey older brother tumblr, who I much think of as a 'too cool for school' type of guy.

Anyway... speaking of personified computer things...apologises for people who can't read Japanese here... but yes...just yes...

So I think that's all for now, I've been doing some drawing myself lately and been getting a hell of a lot better at it... more to come soon

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