Friday, 9 December 2011

Redesigns galore and what about twitter?

After seeing youtube redesigned and facebook redesigned and even gmail redesigned... twitter have decided to give it ago and redesign their presence too. I've heard rumour that it's about being more brand focused...others have said it's in competition with facebook...
(from Hex)

What do I think of this? Well I recently noticed that twitter had made buying off the platform much easier, trying to build in functionalities where you can tweet reply '#buy'

 and the wonders of tweetbots... tweeting everytime a blog gets updated...

Such functionality makes me think... what exactly are twitter going for here?
 I mean twitter (in my mind anyway) was a microblogging site where one could discuss interests and it's a community...secondly... it's a personal thing, it's about what one is doing right now (it asks me everytime I post a tweet).
So... Add more corporate presence won't sell it to me in the slightest... also... I already have facebook... so why would I want a facebookeque interface...

I like twitter... it should stay the way it is

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