Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Gantt Chart and sample group

So I made the first part of my Gantt chart today... and yes... there is a lot of detail (and a lot to do... oh my word... is there a lot to do). However, this is so I realize practically everything I have to do.... Okay... there might be a little bit too much detail, but you know, it's better to be too thorough than not thorough enough... (or at least I think so).
Doing this early has helped my realized that my work placement is definitely going to interfere with one of my deadlines for this module... my time management is going to have to be something amazing to sort all of this stuff out... some of it I don't even know if it's practically possible... but I suppose that's why I'll get my tutor to discuss it with me.

So, I have my alternative tutor meeting tomorrow. I can safely say, having done quite a lot of research into the subject that the classics haven't been brought to life through new media narrative very effectively (and not at all for adults as a leisure activity) so in a way, I have a better claim to create this project than I had when I came up with this project in the first place. This does make competitor research a little difficult. NOT TO MENTION THAT A LOT OF NEW MEDIA NARRATIVES NEED TO BE BOUGHT!

But luckily... One of the lovely people from 'Dreaming Methods' got back to me the other day... and they were happy for me to speak to them... they seem very nice :D. I hope I get the chance to talk to them again soon (Andy Campbell seemed keen to know about the project... I'm so relieved that there is some outside interest).

Having spoken to a few of the people in the New Media department, they have all been scratching their heads when I've asked if any  positive new media narratives exist that they are aware of (which are good of course)... I'll have to make the first one then :D

 In other news, I have successfully got a sample group! Not only that, but they have all agreed to help me out. A few of them are based in Leeds, which means that doing focus groups will be easy. The others have agreed to help via email, phone skype etc etc. I have now completed my plots and sent them off to be checked, so at least I can start getting feedback for which plot to do soon enough.

I'm reading my last new media narrative theory book... this reminds me that my theory research is coming to an end soon, I need to formalize a lot of research now, having done it for quite a month of it now. It's exciting, but at the same time, it feels like moving a step forward towards the write up... which is a bit scary for me.

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