Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mephistopheles heads


So I've started (very early) drawings of mephistopheles... Very early indeed, they are really scruffy and the shading and line art is really rough...
These are a few head shot ideas I've had... I decided that Mephistopheles should probably be quite young... Because alot of his character traits lend themself to him being young, it would be a nice inversion from the original where he sends most of his time as a monk (why would be horribly boring and just not applicable these days... if Faust was a scholar these days, it's unlikely he'd have a monk following him around)... and Faust has to age 24 years throughout the play... it would be interesting to see that Mephistopheles never changes in age and he's forever young.
Obviously these are very rough a proper Mephistopheles will come some enough... the quality will be much higher for the acutal thing, but i think they will be okay for ideas

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