Wednesday, 24 November 2010


So I've decided on what Mephastophilis and Faustus are going to look like (in fairly short order I might say). I'll ask my focus group when I do their seperate character sheets if there is anything wrong with them (e.g. he looks to young or... he doesn't look evil enough).

Obviously this is only a wip, but it gives an idea of what the promo might look like, it was based on an illustration that I found a while back that inspired me... this is a nod to that... but this is a work in progress the real thing will be better (e.g. Mephastophilis is well and truly invisable on this). I really want to tidy up the colouring style and the lineart (I haven't even really drawn their proper faces in haha) So I know they aren't in modern  clothes. They will be eventually. I just need to figure out what they look like (and what media I'm going to use.,, I have gotten quite partialy to medieval patterns)

I've also decided what scenes I'm considering. These are:

Scene 3: Mephastophilis and Faustus's first meeting
Scene 5: Faustus dilema and making the deal
Scene 7: Faustus and Mephatophilis talk
Scene 7b: Seven deadly sins 

I have some questions for the flash workshop huzzah

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