Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Script for Scene 3

So I've done the script for Scene 3, and I'm now planning the interactivity for it. It's going to take some planning

Doctor Faustus
Scene 3: Faustus summons Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles: (smiling) Oh Faustus… you’re so na├»ve and have quite a shilling on yourself don’t you? My appearance here is an accidental ‘by-product’ of your silly little show you’ve got here, with the pentagrams and the symbols etc… you were causing such a blasphemous racket that I had to see what on earth you were trying to do… I suppose you got this off the internet?

 (now serious) The demons are keen for your soul you know, this stupid display here has pleased the interest of a few demons I know. You’re in real danger of damnation-

Faustus: I’m not frightened of damnation Mephistopheles, what do you take me for? One of those pious morons wandering around this planet? Surely this display proves I don’t care or believe in a god. 

Mephistopheles:You say that, but I sense a lot of doubt in that troubled soul of yours-

Faustus:(troubled) Well… I don’t know how you can say something like that by just looking at me

Mephistopheles: I am a devil Faustus… and one of high standing at that, I can do something like this easily.

Faustus: Well that remains to be seen doesn’t it? For all I know you might not be a devil at all…You could be some lingering ghost or some other spirit-

Mephistopheles: (seems angry at this statement) be careful scholar, you have no idea what you’re going to get yourself into saying fly comments like that. For a learned scholar you are very stupid

Faustus: Well you can prove it to me now when I ask you these questions-

Mephistopheles :(still irate) I suppose it makes sense a scholar would use such a… mundane method… ask away Faustus

(Flicks through one of the books on Faustus floors ‘How to summon a devil’)

(Mephistopheles comes closer to Faustus, peers into his eyes, which causes Faustus to try and back away)

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